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Commercial Doors

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Meadville Overhead Door has installed and serviced many commercial doors and operators in the Crawford County area. Some of our commercial installations include jobs at the Crawford County Fairgrounds (Youth and 4 H Show Buildings), Crawford County Career Technical Center, Community Chevrolet, and Ernst Conservation Seeds. These doors vary in size from 12’ wide by 10’ high to 20’ wide by 14’ high.

Because we can order doors from many suppliers, Meadville Overhead Door offers a very diverse range of commercial doors. Colors of white and dark brown are available for most doors, while some doors are also available in almond or taupe. Doors can have a flush (smooth) outer finish with a wood grain texture, or a raised panel exterior finish. Insulation values range from completely non-insulated to some insulation (R value 6.58) to highly insulated (R value 17.50).

We offer commercial doors with interior integral struts, or a flush steel interior finish. Steel “skins” on the doors range from 25 gauge to 16 gauge. Lite (window) options include colonial style glass in a high impact polymer frame for raised panel style doors, and elongated double insulated windows for flush doors. Aluminum full view doors and commercial wood doors are also available.



Listed below are examples of some Wayne-Dalton commercial doors:

  • Thermospan 125*150*200 – pin striped (grooved) exterior pebble finish, integral interior struts, solid polyurethane core insulation,
    1" thick to 2” thick, flush exterior only. R-Value 10.79 to 17.50

  • Model 2411*2415*220*216 steel ribbed exterior finish, interior vinyl or steel finish, expanded polystyrene insulation or non-insulated, 2 thick,
    R-Value Non-Insulated to 7.64

  • Thermomark 5150*5200 – White, Almond, Brown or Taupe wood grain raised panel exterior, smooth interior steel finish, polyurethane foam
    insulation, 1 1/2 ” or 2” thick. R-Value 10.96 to 14.80

For more information – Wayne-Dalton website:

Amarr offers the following commercial doors and more:

  • Model 1000 – 2" thick door, 2 sided steel, R-value 9.19, available in white only,
                         24/27 gauge steel

  • Model 1350 1 3/8" thick, 2 sided steel, R-value 11.04,  available in white and brown,
                         27 gauge steel

  • Model 1380 1 3/8" thick, 2 sided steel, R-value 6.58, available in white only,
                         27 gauge steel

  • Model 2000 2" thick, available in non-insulated, insulated, and 2 sided steel,
                          R-value 6.84 when insulated, available in white only, 20 gauge steel

  • Model 2400 2" thick, available in non-insulated, insulated, and 2 sided steel
                         R-value 6.84 when insulated, available in white and brown, 24 gauge steel

  • Model 2700 2" thick, 2 sided steel, R-value 15.67, available in white and brown,
                         27 gauge steel


For more information Amarr website:

Meadville Overhead Door can special order commercial doors from several other suppliers. We can provide a close match to an existing door for repairs or replacement. We also service commercial rolling steel doors.